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    Changing lives one picture at a time.

    dietSNAPS is the original photo food tracking journal.
    Join over 10,000 users that have been using dietSNAPS since 2010.
    We help you succeed by keeping it simple.
    In other words, it's a SNAP!

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  • Buzz

    Since our launch in 2010, dietSNAPS has been featured in magazines, on websites and on blogs all over the world.

    Here are some of our favorite pieces and mentions.

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    Tim Ferris

    The Shortcut to the Shortcut: The 4 Key Principles of the 4-Hour Body”, The Blog of Tim Ferriss, May 27, 2011

    (Mentions dietSNAPS at 19:42)




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    Ben Greenfield 

    We are HUGE fans of Ben Greenfield! Here's a great piece on his blog called, "Is Being Hungry Bad?" We were honored to be included in his post.
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    When Health.com wrote their article on "How to Lose Weight and Get Fit With Your Phone," they picked two diet tracking apps: dietSNAPS and MyFitnessPal! We were thrilled to be named in such great company. We love MFP! If you're looking to track macros, we couldn't recommend a better app.
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    Robin Glance on Global News

    Nutritionist Robin Glance joins Global’s Laura Casella to share a few key steps to eating mindfully, including her choice of tracking apps: dietSNAPS!



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    What is dietSNAPS?

    dietSNAPS is not your average diet & food tracker. We don’t count calories. We don’t weigh our portions. We do something very different: we STOP and LOOK and take a picture of every bite BEFORE we eat it. Believe it or not, there have been studies that have found that the act of taking a picture before you take a bite is more effective than simply keeping a written journal.

    Plus, dietSNAPS works with every program: from Paleo to DASH; from 5:2 to Weight Watchers to simply just eating clean, dietSNAPS works with you. 

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    Who is dietSNAPS?

    dietSNAPS was created by two sisters, Tracey Suppo & Laurie Spitz. Conceived in 2009 and brought to the App Store in 2010, dietSNAPS was created for one simple reason ~ we needed it and it didn't exist. It seems crazy now that there wasn't a single photo logging journal of any kind, but in 2009, that truly was the case.


    A simple idea with simple, clean execution. Almost 10 years later, we are still engaging new users every single day. Why? We think others appreciate simplicity as much as we do.

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    Yeah, we're social and we'd love to connect with you!

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    Talk to us. We're real people and we'd love to hear from you. 

  • Privacy Policy

    Updated 9/10/2019

    dietSNAPS does not transmit any personal data, application data, or usage data without user consent. Data is only transmitted through users' explicit sharing actions to known recipients, or automatically added to  customer support request emails. Data obtained for support is never shared with or sold to third parties.